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About Craig

Craig Logan: Elevating Love Stories as The Unboring Wedding Officiant


Are you ready to turn the page on traditional wedding ceremonies and infuse your special day with laughter, joy, and a touch of magic? Look no further than Craig Logan, the Unboring Wedding Officiant who is transforming "I Do's" into "I had the time of my life!"

The Maestro of Unboring Ceremonies


Craig Logan is not your average wedding officiant. He's a maestro, a storyteller, and an architect of unforgettable moments. Known for his charisma, professionalism, and the ability to keep weddings far from dull, Craig has become the go-to officiant for couples who want more than just a ceremony; they want an experience.


Crafting Unique Love Stories


What sets Craig apart is his dedication to telling your love story in the most unique and engaging way possible. No generic scripts here; Craig takes the time to understand your journey, your quirks, and what makes your love one-of-a-kind. The result? A ceremony that reflects the essence of your relationship, leaving you and your guests with memories that last a lifetime.


Unleashing the Fun


Picture this: a wedding ceremony that's not only a celebration of love but also an unabashed good time. Craig Logan brings an unparalleled level of fun to weddings, creating an atmosphere where laughter is as much a part of the day as the vows. It's not just an event; it's an experience where every moment is infused with joy.


The Unboring Advantage


In a world of traditional officiants, Craig stands out as the Unboring Wedding Officiant. Your ceremony won't be a predictable affair; it will be an extraordinary celebration curated by Craig's expert hands. From personalized touches to unexpected surprises, he ensures that your wedding day is anything but ordinary.


Rave Reviews


Don't just take our word for it; over one hundred 5 star reviews speak volumes. Couples rave about Craig's ability to transform a ceremony into a highlight of their wedding day. Guests leave not just as witnesses but as active participants in an experience they'll be talking about for years to come.


How to Say 'I Do' to The Unboring Experience

Ready to make your wedding day an affair to remember? Saying 'I Do' to Craig Logan means saying 'I Do' to a celebration that reflects your love, your style, and your desire for an unforgettable experience. Get ready for a wedding day that's uniquely yours – because with Craig Logan, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.


Your love story deserves to be told in the most exceptional way, and Craig Logan, the Unboring Wedding Officiant, is here to make sure it happens. Let the magic begin! 💖🎤👰🤵

Lindsay Rhodes

"Craig Logan is a gem! He is professional, kind and so easy to get along with."

Meet The Team

Craig Logan

Licensed Officiant

Becoming an officiant has been a completely rewarding experience. I am grateful for all of the weddings that I have been a part of and the many venues and industry professionals that I have been lucky enough to work with. Collaborating with my wife Lisa and performing a ceremony at Carriage Lane, my own backyard, is really just icing on the cake….wedding cake of course!

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Lisa Moffat

Administrative - Carriage Lane Elopements 

I love what I do, I do what I love. Lucky for me running Carriage Lane fits perfectly with those ideals. As a full time elementary school teacher my days can be packed full, but honestly meeting with couples and seeing their excitement when they find exactly what they want at our location makes the busiest days completely worth it.

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Courtney Genereaux

Marketing + Communications Manager

As a young entrepreneur developing the media profiles for two related wedding businesses but also allowing them to each have their own unique branding and images has been completely challenging, but entirely fun. I love the pace, the artistic opportunities and the dynamic flow of working with both Carriage Lane and Craig Logan Officiating.

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