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Updated: Dec 25, 2020

The big moment is've walked down the aisle, taken hold of the hand of the one you are about to marry, the Officiant has completed the opening words, and.... the spotlight shines directly on you!

What do you say when it comes to Vows?

You can read your vows, repeat your vows line by line as the Officiant recites them to you, or have them read by the Officiant with an "I Do" at the end...the choice is yours.

There are thousands of ideas online. Everything from traditional to more contemporary are there to choose from. I have four here on my website that anyone is welcome to choose from.

Thinking of writing your own? A great idea!

If you choose to write your own (which I think is a wonderful, very personal touch) I do encourage you to keep them private until the wedding day. That magic moment as your partner hears your words of love + promise for the first time is priceless.

Speak from the heart. Your words of love, devotion and promise will always be perfect when you simply be yourself.

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