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How to Write Your Own Vows in 6 (but really 7) Easy Steps!

Writing your wedding vows ranks up there on wedding day stress levels at about a 9.5 out of 10. Being nervous about speaking some words in front of everyone you know is understandable. The easy part of vows is to keep it simple and person (but not too personal…)

So, pull out a sheet of paper and a pen, pour yourself a glass of wine, put on your favourite love songs and let the inspiration flow!

  1. List the top three things that you love about your significant other. You can create full sentences later. Start with short bullet points and add from there.

  2. Share how they inspire you to be a better person. Have they opened a door into your soul? Shown you things about yourself and the world that you never imagined? Like a Tom Cruise movie, do they complete you? Write down 2 things that have made you realize about yourself that has made you strive to be the person they see you as.

  3. Make promises for your life together. Include that you will be there for them through life’s inevitable ups and downs. Remember this bit of wisdom: A shared joy is a joy doubled. Shared sorrow is half a sorrow. Use your way of expressing these sentiments.

  4. Use your own favorite saying or quote. Do you have a favorite quote that guides your life? A favorite song, or a poem with a line that just sparks you both? Listen to some classic love songs and see if a line jumps out at you. (Ed Sheeran, Elvis, Brad Paisley, the list is endless)

  5. Incorporate your beliefs and inspiration. If you have a religious base, you can include it. To some, exploring the world’s natural beauty is like going to church. Maybe you feel a spiritual connection when you are hiking together and the sight of a waterfall through a stand of massive redwoods takes your breath away. A line or two from traditional wedding vows our grandparents used is classic and timeless.

  6. Tell them you love them. On your wedding day, the words "I love you" can never be said enough. At the end of your vows, you might add that “I am your husband/wife.”

  7. Still stuck? How would you describe your partner if you met someone new and didn’t have your phone to show a picture of your sweetheart? Try this. Write down 3 things you love about them (their sense of humour, their spontaneous kitchen dance parties, how they always leave little love notes around for you) and 3 things you would promise them (no matter how many times you watch the same TV show over and over I will still smile and say “what a great idea!, I promise to always leave the fan on even if I’m freezing or, I promise to always kill the spiders. Except the big ones. They scare me too) Have fun with your vows.

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