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Incorporating Mini Love Stories Into Your Ceremony

I love weddings. All weddings.

Whether at a vineyard, a backyard, a venue, a beach, in a living room, in a ballroom, at a

Boathouse (in Picton, on a Lake, at the top of a Mountain, can you guess where?) in a barn or in

a park, your day deserves something different.

Weeknights. Weekends. Sunrise ceremonies. Afternoon I Do’s. Twilight ceremonies. Love

happens anywhere and anytime.

There is something magical about a couple that have met, fallen in love and are taking that big

leap and saying I Do.

Something I’ve started doing to make every ceremony even more unique and personal is adding

a short 1-3 minute mini Love Story. During a ceremony planning session I ask questions. Tell

me how you met? What was your first date like? How did the proposal go down? What are a

few things you absolutely love about the person you are about to marry?

Right before the ceremony I chat with your attendants, parents, friends, guests and ask them

questions too. What do they love about you? What do they think about you as a couple? Only

the stuff that is Grandparent friendly gets included!

Then, as the ceremony is happening I will work those beautiful stories, statements and

feel-good vibes into your story as we go.

It’s kind of like live theater.

And what I’ve noticed is couples and guests LOVE IT. Hey, we’ve all been to wedding

ceremonies that we “get through”. An officiant who drones on and on. Your wedding deserves


That’s where I come in. Each and every wedding is about YOU. I’m just there to guide you in a

way that will make you laugh, may make you cry, and will absolutely make you feel relaxed and

in the moment.

Every wedding ceremony is crafted the way I would write it as if I were marrying my two best

friends. Personal yet caring. Professional yet fun!

Photo By: Every Angle

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