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“We aren’t religious..can we have a ceremony without any religion mentioned in it?”

My most frequently asked question from my couples is “We aren’t religious..can we have a ceremony without any religion mentioned in it?”

Yes. The majority of my ceremonies are completely non-religious. The ceremony sets the tone for your wedding day. Regardless of your beliefs, you can plan a non religious wedding ceremony if that is what you and your significant other want.

Weddings take many forms these days.. traditional (without religious overtones), modern (my favourite style) and mixed. Most couples choose to go the modern route.

My traditional ceremonies look much like a scene from a movie… the guests stand when the bride enters. The vows can be read to one another or, have the classic wording such as “To have and to hold”. You exchange rings, are pronounced married and sign the Registry. Your guests stand as we officially announce you as the Newlyweds. Classic. Traditional. Not stuffy or boring.

The modern ceremony is light, short and sweet, with a touch of humour. The overall tone of this ceremony is focused on the love you both share. Read your own vows to one another or choose a “repeat after me” style. Ring wording is often modern ”With this ring, I choose you”

The mixed ceremony is exactly that...a mix of the traditional and modern. Couples often include a unique ceremony such as:

The Unity Candle is a single candle being lit by each partner to symbolize the beginning of one new family. (blended families can include children

The Sand Ceremony is a popular choice where each partner (and often their children) pour a different colour sand into a single glass container symbolizing the blending of two families into a new family.

The Hand Tying ceremony is a very unique and fun twist to “tying the knot”. After the Vows and Rings and right before pronouncing you married I drape a length of fabric over each of your hands (about a metre long, and your choice of colour) as you hold hands. Then, you simply slide your hands back, holding onto the fabric to create a tied knot. Trust me, it is super easy and creates a beautiful keepsake of your wedding.

For the truly adventurous, there is the Scottish Quaich (quake). At the end of your ceremony, a shot of Scottish whiskey is poured into a traditional 2 handled silver cup. The couple each take a shot (and often make a face that photographers love to capture) and then are Announced to your guests as the Newlyweds. A lot of fun.

Your wedding ceremony should be a reflection of you both. Gone are the days of long boring ceremonies that put your guests to sleep. Today’s ceremonies are short and sweet, fun and easily customized yet still performed in a professional manner. I truly love performing weddings for my amazing couples.

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