Craig Logan Officiating 2.png



Looking for a casual, relaxed, easy going Officiant that will guide you through from beginning to end with ease and humour? 

Craig is who you are looking for!

Know as the friendly, always smiling man who performs "short + sweet" ceremonies for couples looking for something different.

All ceremonies are 10-15 minutes in length, non religious, personalized and focused on the love you share.


An in person or FaceTime/Zoom meeting is always a wonderful way to finalize the ceremony details. 

With most meetings only taking 10 minutes a virtual conversation is the preference of most busy couples. 


Do I run rehearsals? The short answer is no, not very often. With most Fridays - Sundays filled with weddings I am usually unavailable.

99% of all couples don't need their Officiant to guide their rehearsal. Every venue has an excellent wedding coordinator that has seen it all and can take you through what to expect.

For those couples that may be planning a destination wedding or wish to have a private signing without a ceremony, simply meeting to complete the legal paperwork and signatures is an option. This process is also available to couples wishing to have  a friend/family member lead the celebration.