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Do I Need a Rehearsal?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Lately I've been asked a lot about rehearsals.

A rehearsal is a great idea to give your bridesmaids & groomsmen an idea of how they are walking in, at roughly what speed, and where they stand at the altar. This can all be practiced at home, a park or pretty much anywhere. Why pay for a rehearsal at the venue? Many halls charge a fee (or have another wedding booked the day before yours) that you can easily save by doing your rehearsal elsewhere. Even having a quick rehearsal on a Weekday is a great way to save money and do a walk through.

Your Officiant isn't really needed at a rehearsal. The most difficult part of a rehearsal is organizing who walks and when..a few times walking up to the Groom and groomsmen will help with timing.

For those who choose to have their Officiant run a rehearsal, I always walk them through start to finish calms the nerves every time.

The day of the Ceremony looks like this:

1. Bride and attendants are off site or ready in another area

2. Groom & groomsmen seat guests as they arrive

3. Groom seats Grandmother(s) and Mother (s)

4. Groom & groomsmen take their place up front with Officiant

5. Officiant welcomes guests, lets them know if photos are allowed or it is an "unplugged" wedding

6. Bridesmaid(s), flower girl, ring bearer all make their entrance

7. Bride makes her entrance (alone or escorted by a Father/Uncle/Brother/friend..the options are endless

8. Officiant begins the ceremony/Couples Intent/Guest Intent/Readings/Vows/Ring Exchange

9. The Big Kiss!

10. Sign the legal documents

11. The Announcement of the couple (How would you like to be introduced?)

12. The Recessional

For my ceremonies the above process takes about 9-15 minutes. A reading is occasionally done, or another element is brought into the ceremony. Each and every ceremony is unique..just like the couples I marry.

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