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Do I Need a Wedding Rehearsal???

Wedding rehearsals used to be a big affair. Remember the 80's and 90's weddings? The person conducting the wedding would direct who would walk in and when, at what pace, where to stand ..all while the organist played the music. It was all about the rigid structure of "this is how we do it". Things were very stiff. No smiling. This is serious business. Things were VERY different back then. Not wrong. Just different.

The best part was the dinner and fun afterwards!

For my couples there is no need to make things difficult. You are welcome to walk in any way you wish, in any order, at any speed (you could even skydive in or ride in on an elephant, either would be pretty amazing). No matter how you choose to walk in to your ceremony nothing happens until you both are standing front and centre with me. Keeping things light, simple and flowing smoothly is what I do when you are standing before one another. Not sure what happens next? No worries. You don't need to. An excellent Officiant will pace the ceremony with confidence, ease and guide you through each aspect step-by-step.

The magic of a great ceremony is not only the "flow" created but the genuine emotions you will express as the ceremony unfolds. Tears? Perfect. Laughter? Perfect. Nervous bounce from foot to foot? Perfect. Your wedding should unfold naturally. Trying to anticipate every step through long rehearsals the night before doesn't do a lot to lessen the anxiety of the big day. Photographers capture things as they happen organically. Trying to "practice" the ceremony will actually make it look awkward. Better to just let it happen.

A modern ceremony has a touch of classic tradition mixed with a contemporary vibe that will appease all guests. The days of stodgy, lengthy ceremonies where your guests sit glassy eyed wondering when the party begins are long gone. Your wedding ceremony should be a highlight of the day.

If you still are planning on having a rehearsal at your venue the night before, the manager/wedding coordinator will be an excellent guide to what to expect. They can guide you on walking in, where to stand and sit, etc. The officiants job is to marry you, not coordinate your wedding party:)

Photographer: Allison Hadley

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