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Marriage License Processing Time for Fall 2022

Hi everyone!

I wanted to post an update on the Marriage License processing time this fall 2022.

This past week I spoke at length with the Service Ontario processing department about how

long it is taking for couples married this past summer to have their licenses registered. They are

experiencing a surge of completed marriage licenses that is almost triple (yes, triple!) what

they used to receive pre-covid.

The normal processing time to order a Marriage Certificate was 4-6 weeks. That is now 14-16

weeks. Yes, you read that right. 14 to 16 weeks. They ask that you please be patient as they

will get each marriage registered as quickly as they can.

If you are in dire need of your Certificate for name change, pension benefits, deployment or

any other important reason, you may call their office and give your names, date of marriage,

location of marriage and your Officiants name and they will assign someone to dig through

the enormous stack of licenses to be completed. By providing your Officiants name it narrows

down the search.

Hopefully this is a bit of reassurance for those couples wondering why their Certificate hasn’t

been issued yet. As always, message me if you have any questions and I will guide you as best

I can.


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