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Sample Vows

Fall is upon us and as the leaves change colour (what a beautiful time to be married) I’ve re-written some of the more popular wedding vows.

Every wedding is different. Some people want to read their own vows. Others want a Repeat After Me. Please feel free to use these vows or any line you wish...tweak them, mix the order, make them uniquely yours!

First up, a more contemporary style with a few lines you will recognize from traditional wedding vows.

I (partner 1) take you (partner 2) to be my husband/wife/partner

I choose to join my life with yours

To laugh with you

To cry with you

I will be beside you

Through all the challenges

And joys we will face

Hand in hand

Side by side


And another for those who like to keep it Short ‘n Sweet:

Today I give my heart to you completely

All that I am

And all that I will be

Is yours.

I promise to love you

Laugh with you

And face life with you

Always and Forever

Let’s call this one the Heart vow:

With all my heart, I (name) take you (name) to by my wife/husband

I promise to always love you for who you are

I will dream with you

Celebrate with you

And walk beside you through whatever our lives will bring

You are my person

My love and my life

Today and always

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