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The Marriage License

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

He asked and you said Yes!

All the planning for the big day is coming along have the reception venue booked, managed to book the photographer that everyone wants for their wedding...said yes to the dress...have the rings and your Officiant...the guest list finalized... when do you get the marriage license?

In Ontario you can apply for your marriage license at your local municipal office. The fee varies but is generally around $125-140. They often can have it ready for you in about 20 minutes.

Your license is good for 90 days from the date you receive it.

The day of your wedding you will need your marriage license, your rings and two witnesses.

After the ceremony your Officiant will take the signed marriage license and mail it to the Registry Office. Your license will be processed in about 4-6 months...not weeks...months. The office has been under staffed and over worked for a long time. If you call to enquire about your marriage registration they may still have a stack on their desk to get to before yours. Be patient. They will get to it as quickly as they can.

Once they have processed your marriage license you can request a marriage certificate. The Registry Office does not send them to you, they must be requested online or by phone. They will need your marriage license number (on your Solemnization of Marriage Certificate your Officiant will leave with you the day of your wedding).

You can apply online for a Marriage Certificate (to show you are legally married, for certain social benefits, to settle an estate or to change a last name).

Remember, you cannot get married without your Marriage License the day of your wedding!

Photo by Courtney Genereaux

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