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Whatcha Need to Marry? in Ontario anyway....

So, you want to get married.

What do you need to make it legal?

All you need is yourself, a willing partner (swipe right. Or is it left? We’ll leave that for you to figure out) and someone who can marry you (that would be me), two witnesses and a Marriage License. That’s it.

The cake. The flowers. The venue (Carriage Lane Elopements in PEC …hint hint) the dress, the suit, the rings, a small elopement or a massive wedding extravaganza …all that is up to you.

The legal paperwork side of getting married can be challenging. Can your officiant get it for you? Your Mom? Your best friend? Nope. This is one thing YOU have to do. Just like getting your Driver's License this job is yours. Go online at Service Ontario, search “marriage license” and book your appointment. Your wedding has to be 90 days or less away before you can get the license. Your license is good for 90 days once you have it in hand. Be prepared too…they will ask your parents names (I’m sure you got this) and where they were born (believe it or not some people don’t know this). You will be asked the date you are planning on getting married and the location. The location is the town/city/village ie. Prince Edward County.

It’s wedding day (yay!). Make sure to bring your Marriage License. During the ceremony your Officiant and your two witnesses will sign the license along with you both. After the completed license will be mailed off to the government for registration. A Marriage Certificate (lots of paperwork is involved with a wedding) is not automatically mailed to you. About 8 weeks after the wedding you can order a Marriage Certificate online from Service Ontario (follow the links, it is an easy process).

You got this!


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